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Utilities Manager

Location : Afrique / Africa
Job Type : Permanent

Mining & Metals Sector


Job Code: 6409

Cowan International is in search of a dynamic Utilities Manager that will provide Energy & Product as well as Manage the Port for one of the largest, complex and most challenging Fixed Plant Operations in Africa.




Reporting to the site No.1 Fixed Plant Director, the Utilities Manager will ultimately be in charge of all Generation, Storage and Distribution of Energy & Product as well as Port Management with respect to servicing internal customers in the Process Plant.



Oversee all Operations and Technical aspects of the Utilities Department

Manage a substantial number of Personnel (>300) and Budget (>US 30M)

Import Raw Materials (coal, sulfur, limestone, etc.)

Produce your own Reagents, “product” (gases via air separation, slaked lime, water treatment, acid plant, etc.)

Store your Reagents (acids, reducing agents, organic solvents etc.)

Distribute/Transport your Reagents via Pipeline & Rail to your internal customers

Produce your own Power (coal-fired steam+electricity generation)

Be accountable for reaching your Product Delivery Targets

Perform rewarding work in a demanding non-steady state environment

Focus, as a strong Technical manager, on Improvement/Optimization Projects, to not only reduce cost, but also reach Nameplate Capacity on certain unit operations

Contribute to a growing Operational Excellence Culture by, among other things, working closely with asset management personnel
Manage, as a strong People Manager, one of the most culturally diverse expat teams (permanent & numerous contractors alike) that you will ever see

Be an effective contributor to and proponent of the company’s Succession Plan and Training Programs, ensuring there is dedicated training and empowerment of National Superintendents, Supervisors and Lead-Hands


From the Metallurgical, Oil & Gas or Chemical Sector

Seeking a Residential Status Expatriate assignment

A Strong Leader, People Manager & Technical Manager with a large Capacity & Scope

Highly Adaptive Collaborator and Problem-solver with Your Teams

Specialized in Fixed Process Plant Operations Management - Production & Process Engineering

A seasoned Refinery Manager, PAL Manager or Process Manager, if not a specialized Utilities Manager

Driven to advance Continuous Improvement and achieve Nameplate Capacity

An Implementer and Executer of Processing Best Practices

Sound in understanding how to work with your Maintenance counterparts

Business-savvy, comfortable managing budgets

Effective Manager of a large number and considerable Diversity of Personnel

A good Listener and Coach, capable of empowering your Superintendents

A Driver of the development of National Superintendents and Supervisors

A University Bachelors/Tertiary Qualification/BAC+3 Degree in a Metallurgical, Chemical, Process, Mechanical, Electrical or other related Engineering field

A minimum of 20 years working in Chemical Processing Operations

Track Record of working in Big, Complex Plants

Experience with High Pressure, High Temperature and Exotic Materials

Experiences in multiple BIG+COMPLEX Chemical, Petroleum, Alumina or Nickel Laterite REFINERIES. Classic gold or base metal mineral processing plant experiences will not be considered.

Best Practice know-how

A balanced Technical Manager and People Manager Approach

A Specialization in Utilities Operations & Technical Management or a track record as an accomplished Process Manager with relevant experiences

Power Utility experience – considered an asset

Bulk Materials Handling know-how (loading, offloading, Trains, Rail, Port) – considered an asset

Maintenance know-how – considered an asset

Experience being part of Continuous Improvement Initiatives and leading a state-of-the-art plant operating facility to steady state conditions

Experience working with numerous Contractors in a variety of contexts

Track record of Training and Developing National Employees

Previous Expat Experiences in Africa or other Developing Markets



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